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Why Choose Start To Finish?

  • Isle of Man Government Authorised Motorcycle Instructor
  • Very high standard and professional motorcycle tuition
  • Personal and tailored one on one training
  • Friendly and patient
  • Instructional experience in various fields
  • Flexible – training available 7 days a week / all island coverage
  • Student motorcycle available (125cc)


Welcome to Start to Finish Rider Tuition, a motorcycle training school based on the Isle of Man. I offer motorcycle training courses including CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Riding to Test Standard, Try a Ride, Back to Biking/Refresher Training and more.

Working in partnership with Jason Griffiths we have a pair of Kawasaki Z125 student bikes available for cbt sessions, lessons and try Rides

Do have a browse through this website and if there is anything you are unsure of, please contact me on (07624) 569653.

Before you can ride on the road as a novice rider unaccompanied, you will need to do a CBT.

The CBT was introduced on the Isle of Man in 2003. The purpose of this training is to equip novice riders with basic skills before riding unsupervised on the road. This isn’t an exam but a course to allow you to become competent and comfortable with riding on the road and is the first step towards passing your practical motorcycle test.

  • What you need to bring along with you:

  • Both parts of your driving license (full or provisional)
  • Proof of insurance, if using own motorcycle
  • A helmet
  • Gloves
  • A jacket
  • Some strong boots/shoes, ideally with ankle protection
  • And possibly a sandwich!

Once you have obtained your CBT certificate, this is valid for two years from the date of issue and if you have not passed your practical test in this time, you will need to re-take your CBT.

The CBT will be held on an approved off-road site based in Port Soderick. You may use your own motorcycle or use my student motorcycle. If you use your own motorcycle, you must ensure that it is validly insured, fully roadsworthy and displaying full sized L-plates front and rear.

You will receive one on one training when doing your CBT. The CBT can take up to 8 hours dependent on your riding abilities and confidence. The training will consist of 5 elements, four of which will be completed at Port Soderick followed by the final element which is a two hour (minimum) road ride to introduce you to the skills and to give you the confidence that you will need to ride safely and unsupervised on the road.

An eyesight test will also be conducted. You must be able to read a number plate in good daylight at a distance of 20.5m with glasses or contact lenses if required.

The elements are listed as follows:

Element A – Introduction
Element B – Practical on-site training
Element C – Practical on-site riding
Element D – General Theory

The above four elements will cover showing you all the machine controls and safety checks, learn how to start up, move off, slow ride, change gear and to stop safely. You will also practice signaling, manoeuvring techniques and have a pre-road ride briefing.

Element E – Practical on-road riding

This final element will be on the road where I will coach you up to a safe competent level of riding. The road ride section will take at least 2 hours and tuition will be given by way of a radio link and kerb side briefings. You will need to demonstrate to me that you can ride safely in a wide variety of road and traffic situations. When you have reached a proficient standard, you will be issued with a CBT certificate.

When you have completed your CBT, you will need to take some riding lessons to bring you to test standard and prepare you for the practical test. How many lessons you take will be dependent on your riding capability and confidence on the road. One riding lesson would normally take about 1 or 2 hours dependent on how quickly you would like to learn and/or pass your test. It is up to you.

If you would like to take longer lessons, this can easily be arranged. Just give me a call to discuss further.

There is a student motorcycle available if you don’t have your own bike.

During the lessons, we will cover everything that is required so that you may pass your practical test and a little bit more! The quality of training delivered is key and this will be delivered at a pace to suit your riding capabilities and confidence.

Whilst on the road, we will be in radio contact at all times

Try Ride

Try a Ride

If you are unsure whether if you want to learn to ride a motorcycle or not, you can do a ‘try a ride’ lesson on the student motorcycle. The training covered in this lesson will include going over the controls of the motorcycle itself and doing some basic riding off the road.

Refresher Training

Skills Session

I am also very happy to offer skills sessions to add some new techniques and confidence to your riding when you have passed your test. These sessions can be tailored to suit you and the areas of biking you want to work on.

Refresher Training

Refresher Training

If you haven’t been riding for a long time or have lost your confidence to ride a motorcycle, I also offer back to biking/refresher training as well. Or …… maybe you have recently passed your test and would like someone to be there for your first ride on your new bike.

Gift Vouchers Available

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are also available for that special present. Give me a call to arrange.

Before you can take a motorcycle practical test, you have to pass a motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perceptions test. Note that this is not required to be able to do riding lessons before your practical test although I do suggest that you have a good read of the Highway Code book to understand the rules of the road before you attend the CBT course as this may be your first time on the road.

The theory test is split into two parts, the multi choice element (50 questions) and the hazard perceptions test.

The test is held at the Isle of Man College. I will be able to provide you with a form for this test which you can complete and send in.

I can also provide any training that you may require to help prepare you for this test.

Contact Information

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